• Silver Fingers

    The Silver Fingers back scratcher, created from stainless steel, copper, lead-free silver solder and brass handle trim, is similar to Brass Knuckles but the “knuckles” are solder-coated for a cleaner appearance.

    This little gem is a real special back scratcher. Even though it is mostly the same as the Fingers, Knuckles, and Brass Knuckles back scratcher, the addition of silver solder to the knuckles greatly increases the torsional rigidity and stability of the individual fingers, and makes a stiffer and sturdier back scratcher. The initial intent was to make a more decorative product, but the result was a superior product. It is the most difficult of all to produce. The handle is trimmed in jewelry-grade bright brass, which is golden in color.

    This back scratcher is about 20" to 21" long, and 1" to 1.5" wide. The twisted part of the shaft is about 3/16" diameter, but since it consists of five separate wires with some spring temper it is bendable to fit your individual contours, and gently annihilate your itchiest itch.

    This is not a strange novelty back scratcher.  Proudly handmade in the USA, each serial numbered back scratcher is slightly different, but identically functional. It makes a perfect gift for that special person or just an indulgence for you. The lifetime warranty is restricted to the maximum of your life or mine, whichever comes first. But this scratcher likely will never wear out, so unless you're a granite statue, it doesn't make much difference. It is made to last forever. See how I make it on YouTube.