Bowl Digger for easy pipe cleaning

Bowl Digger for easy pipe cleaning

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You might be thinking, what in the world is a product named “Bowl Digger” doing on a back scratcher web site. Good thought. Well, even the best craftsmen sometimes make mistakes, and sometimes so do I. A few times it was a missing middle finger, creating a four-fingered version of our five-fingered product. Other times I just made the product a little long or a little short, or the fingers were too short, but the result was the same; high quality scrap metal.

This doesn’t happen much anymore, but I have enough left over high quality wire that I am converting it into a niche product that's ideal for cleaning out tar deposits (aka resin) in personal smoking devices. At least, that’s what other people tell me.

Of course, you can continue to use paper clips, toothpicks and other random pieces of whatever, but these creations made from stainless steel pieces that would otherwise go to waste are now reincarnated as your lifetime solution to a clogged bowl. As long as you don’t lose your Bowl Digger, it will last forever.

Like the ItchThatBitch back scratcher, the ItchThatBitch Bowl Digger has a lifetime warranty. So scratch your back, or dig your bowl, but do it with ItchThatBitch, for life.