At this time of year with the holidays and a new year coming, it’s easy to forget to be thankful and grateful for all the blessings and good fortune we share.

My special thanks go to my customers, who continue to pass on favorable reviews about ITCHTHATBITCH backscratchers.

It was not always so. Several years ago, looking for a unique stocking stuffer for my adult children, I created a handmade backscratcher out of simple bent and twisted wire. Eventually these came to be known as ITCHTHATBITCH backscratchers.

My first creation was both unique and ugly, but it worked. After a year of people encouraging me to market the scratcher online, I developed prototypes and then started making the first sales models, all by hand. Photos were taken and a website was launched, but I had very few sales. I did some tweaks, and some marketing, and finally I got some customers - along with some feedback.

It was nice to know that people wanted and liked my backscratchers, but I also got some negative comments, like it’s too bendy, too scratchy, too sharp and draws blood. I had thought my backscratcher was perfect, but it had unforeseen flaws which my customers immediately questioned. Wow, what a reality lesson that was.

I retreated to my workshop, where I re-evaluated my process and materials. I started using stronger wire, sanding down the edges, and improving my wire-wrapping technique to make each backscratcher firmer and sturdier. I’m glad I paid attention to those early comments, because now my back scratchers have evolved into mostly five-star-rated products.

Without the initial critical feedback, we would not be where we are today. We’ve shipped over 1000 ITCHTHATBITCH back scratchers to people like you, who will now never need another because even in the early days, my backscratchers were always built to last.

So this holiday season, my sincere thanks to you for buying my product, and for your suggestions on how to make it better.  

Bill Grant
ITCHTHATBITCH Backscratchers

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  • Mario

    The ItchThatBitch backscratcher has changed my life. It was not long ago that I had to work out, stay in shape, so that I could contort myself to be able to itch those hard to reach places that just needed to be scratched.

    I can now happily eat that second helping of pie, skip the workout and simply reach for my ItchThatBitch scratcher ! I might even get myself a moo-moo dress and let myself go …. why not?

    As I become plumper, and happier, I am less able to contort myself in positions that only gymnasts could dream of, and , YES, I will now need to forget about my dreams to run away and join the circus – but, ALAS, I am much happier !

    ItchThatBitch is an awesome product that everyone needs to own!

    Mario from Canada

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