Guiness Book of World Records
I have the world's largest collection of back scratchers, and it is hard to find new and different ones. The Itchthatbitch is not only truly unique, but it is practical, AND it is 100% made in America!!
-Manfred R.

A collector's item
Okay, you want a gift for the guy who has *everything*?

Go to itchthatbitch.com and order the "Heavy Duty Silver Fingers" back scratcher ($34.95) - I searched high and low for what I felt was *the best* back scratcher in the world, and now that I've had this monster for about a month, I can safely say: even if you spent a million dollars, you couldn't get a better back scratcher.

Forget "telescopic" back scratchers - that's a needless gimmick (an unnecessary moving part), and all of the review websites for them take you straight to Amazon.

Itchthatbitch back scratchers are handmade, one at a time, by Bill Grant in Colorado. He is supremely confident that his products are the finest in the world, and I believe him - I'd give my "Heavy Duty Silver Fingers" model a 10-out-of-10, and I'll have this thing for the rest of my life - this is the one you want. It's even slightly bent and flexible (like a suspension bridge) to make it easy to reach every contour of your back. This beast even comes with its own dog tag and individual serial number - this is a lot of money, but you're paying an artisan metalsmith for the best of the best. Knowing what I know now, I would *gladly* pay $100 for this - my serial number is #1857, so he's made less than 2,000 of these, total - it's going to be a collector's item one day!

-Don Rockwell

Truly fun and unique
I ordered the two-pack and am glad I did because I can have one near me all the time. This back scratcher will last several lifetimes!  It's extremely well-made and looks fabulous. Oh what fun these things are, truly unique. These will make great gifts! Thanks a billion from a very satisfied customer! (Free and fast shipping was the icing on the cake!)

Via YouTube
Bill, you handsome clever devil, you--I've been searching for something like this all my life! I've gone through so many of those stupid flimsy extendable scratchers, where the head keeps falling off, and the pieces come apart. So frustrating! I don't like the wooden ones, either. Their fingers are always too blunt. When I found this on Google, I literally jumped for joy! I just ordered two minutes ago, and I hope it comes fast, because I have an itch that I haven't been able to scratch in days!!
-Z. Stone

Love it!
It's so unique and very different from your standard wooden back scratcher. I bought it for my hubby as a present and he loves it. It really does a great job and we like the adjustability and feel of it. Thumbs up!
-Rachel A.

Absolutely love this back scratcher!
This back scratcher is made extremely well! Not only does this back scratcher look really nice, it is very durable and works amazingly! Bought this for my husband for Valentine's Day and cannot wait to give it to him, he is going to absolutely love it!
-Julie D.

Love it!
Love it. Not only a great tool to scratch any itch but a conversation piece. Great job on the product.
-Robert W.

Best of its kind
This is a product that does the best of what it's designed to do. The handle is long enough for my 6'4" body. The scratching surface is just the right sharpness. (You can adjust the sharpness with the small sanding sheet included, but I didn't find that necessary.) Unlike wooden scratchers and most others, you can get to small areas that need attention. This is a well-thought out product that is made to last. It's reassuring to buy something that does what it's supposed to do with quality at a fair price.
-Harvey P.

I love this little scratcher!
It works great.
-Lois H.

I purchased "Fingers" as a gift. I input the incorrect zip code for delivery. The creator of Itchthatbitch personally reached out to me so that I could correct my mistake. I was taken back by his action. Thank you! My friend received his "Fingers" and absolutely loved it. Makes for a great gift.
-Andrea D.

For my husband
I was getting soooo tired of always having to scratch my husband's back! I gave him the "Fingers" back scratcher for X-mas and he says that it's the best scratcher he's had (and I have bought him many; it's a standard gift!) Now I'm getting some relief, as well.
-Mary S.

Love it!
It's so unique and very different from your standard wooden back scratcher. I bought it for my hubby as a present and he loves it. It really does a great job and we like the adjustability and feel of it. Thumbs up!
-Rachel A.

Best back scratcher ever!
Great back scratcher... great price!
-Linda T.

I purchased this as a gift for my husband as our young son broke his flimsy wooden back scratcher. It was priced well, shipped for free, and as I learned upon opening the package, both perfectly designed and indestructible. I will recommend itchthatbitch.com to everyone I meet for the rest of my life. Merry Christmas!
-JR M.

Almost as good as long nails
If your significant other isn't available to scratch that "driving you crazy" itchy spot, your "Fingers" scratcher is the next best thing! Highly recommend.
-Marie M.

Best back scratcher ever
I was not expecting this backscratcher to be quite so good. Including the emery paper to smooth the fingers was excellent. The workmanship was outstanding and it is entirely functional--actually does what it advertises and even better.
-Rudy N.

Takes care of the itch!
Love this product! It takes care of those hard-to-reach back itches. And it's made in the USA! I bought two, one for me and one for a gift.
-Kathy B.