Brass Knuckles stainless steel back scratcher with long handle and brass trim
Head detail of Brass Knuckles back scratcher by itchthatbitch
Handle of Brass Knuckles back scratcher with serial number tag
Full view of 21" Brass Knuckles itchthatbitch back scratcher

Brass Knuckles stainless steel back scratcher with long handle and brass trim

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Brass Knuckles back scratcher is just like the Knuckles back scratcher, but with decorative golden brass "knuckles" and handle. The soft red brass in this scratcher is a bright and shiny jewelry grade, and has a more refined appearance than the copper trimmed knuckles. It is not red at all, but has the color of fine gold. This back scratcher is not like anything you have ever used.

This backscratcher is created from stainless steel, and handmade in Carbondale, Colorado. It is about 20" to 21" long, and 1" to 1.5" wide. The twisted part of the shaft is about 3/16" diameter, but since it consists of five separate wires with some spring temper, it is bendable to fit your individual contours, and annihilate your itchiest itch.

The Brass Knuckles back scratcher is made of bendable stainless steel for scratching your back forever, or as long as it is itching. Proudly handmade in the USA, each serial numbered back scratcher is slightly different, but identically functional. It makes a perfect gift for that special person or just an indulgence for you.

The lifetime warranty is restricted to the maximum of your life or mine, whichever comes first. But this scratcher likely will never wear out, so unless you're a granite statue, it doesn't make much difference. It is made to last forever. See how I make it on YouTube.

Customer Reviews

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None better

Very well put together and works really well too

Top Notch

Does as advertised, and it actually Itchs That Bitch the wooden ones don’t dig in this one does and stopes the itching


The scratcher is about an inch and a half wide. It would take me an hour to scratch my whole back. I need a back scratcher the size of a human hand, and a monkey’s hand.

It's Growing on Me

Have had the scratcher over a week now. My first few uses I found it like nails (not human) were scraping down my back...any applied pressure and it hurt. I contacted seller and he suggested using the sandpaper sent with the order to soften the teeth. It worked. There is a learning curve in using this...gentle pressure is better or at an angle if you want a harder scratch. After a week, I've decided I am happy with the purchase and find myself reaching for it often before falling asleep.

Functional Folk-Art Back Scratcher.

Not your average back scratcher. Not only is it a shiny, twisted, stainless, work of art; but it works well too. An elegant conversation piece and nice gift idea for those who have everything. Nice work!