Heavy Duty Brass Knuckles is a metal back scratcher that will beat the toughest itch

Heavy Duty Brass Knuckles is a metal back scratcher that will beat the toughest itch

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The Heavy Duty Brass Knuckles back scratcher is like the original Heavy Duty Knuckles design, but with lustrous brass trim instead of copper. The body is created from stainless steel, and handmade in Carbondale, Colorado. It is about 20”-21” long, and about 1.6” wide. The twisted wire shaft is about 1/4" diameter, and could be used to tow a truck, but it is best for backscratching. It is bendable to fit your individual contour, and annihilate your itchiest itch. 

Proudly handmade in the USA, each serial-numbered back scratcher is slightly different. It makes a perfect gift for that special person or just an indulgence for you.

The lifetime warranty is restricted to the maximum of your life or mine, whichever comes first. But this scratcher likely will never wear out, so unless you're a granite statue, it doesn't make much difference. It is made to last forever. See how I make it on YouTube.

Customer Reviews

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Owen Tittle
Bill is the man

Materials only surpassed by craftsmanship. I will buy 1000 times over if I live that long. Unfortunately I won’t. Will be getting these for gifts to other people. Great job.

marcia mikesell
Oh, this one’s the BEST

You will be SO happy with this purchase. The heavy duty version is worth every penny. Also, it’s one of the all time best gifts that you can give. I know I sound like a commercial, BUT, my review is genuine.

Robert Urias
Bitchin' itch scratcher

I'm sure they've never heard that one before...
Sure this thing scratches the heck out of an itch and feels really good in your hand and is the best back scratcher you will ever have used. But it's also super cool looking and I am showing it off to all of my friends and they are just like blown away that I would actually invest in something like this but trust me they don't know! They just don't know.

Heirloom quality

My wife and I ordered one of these each and are blown away by the high-quality. This thing will last for many many years. Does the best job at scratching a back of anything I’ve ever tried. Highly recommended.

First-time buyer
Exactly as expected

Based upon the website description and reviews, I knew what I was purchasing and the scratcher I received met those expectations perfectly. I like it.