Two Brass Knuckles back scratchers value pack
Two Brass Knuckles back scratchers handle view
Two Brass Knuckles back scratchers full view

Two Brass Knuckles back scratcher value package, stainless steel with gold brass trim

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Buy two Brass Knuckles back scratchers and save. Same as the original copper Fingers, but with decorative brass "knuckles" and handle. It is created from stainless steel and brass, and handmade in Carbondale, Colorado. It is bendable to fit your individual contour, and scratch your itchiest itch.

Proudly handmade in the USA, each serial numbered back scratcher is slightly different, but identically functional. Buy two and save, because two unique custom back scratchers are better than one – give as a gift and save one for yourself.

The lifetime warranty is restricted to the maximum of your life or mine, whichever comes first. But this scratcher likely will never wear out, so unless you're a granite statue, it doesn't make much difference. It is made to last forever. See how I make it on YouTube.

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itch that back

#5 rating

Great product

Best backscratcher there is.

Glad you like it! Bill
World’s Best Backscratcher

I’ve been looking for a great backscratcher for a number of years. I’ve tried wooden, plastic, metal, telescoping, fixed length, etc and never found the right one for me. My search is over! I bought one scratcher for my home and one for my RV. The length of the handle was very important because I have short arms. Most of the backscratcher handles were too short by 3 to 4 inches so I could never reach that itchy spot. These are fabulous. It didn’t need to be bent and the “fingers” on the scratcher is perfect for scratching without hurting. I’m seriously thinking about making this a “backscratcher Christmas” and ordering enough for my whole family. Made in Colorado is perfect too as I am a Colorado Native who lives in California.

Thanks Nancy. Reviews like yours and others are much better than any statement I could make. If you want more for Christmas, please order early, as I really do make them all myself, and last year ran very close to some unfilled stockings. Bill
two brass knuckles

Unfortunately, I have not received them yet. I still expecting them.

I bought 2 backscratchers one

I bought 2 backscratchers one as a gift and one for me. Absolutely love them!