How a Special Message Can Turn a Unique Gift Into One That’s Awesome

Sometimes it can be a simple “I love you,” and other times you need a special message with a more personal meaning.

I make a unique back scratcher that comes with its own individual serial-numbered dog tag. Over five years ago I made the original design as stocking stuffers for Christmas. Two years later I started selling online. After over three years of making what is becoming known as the best back scratcher on the market, I still keep learning from customer comments.

One of my first requests was to personalize a backscratcher for a gift recipient. I used a hand engraver to write a message on the stamped dog tag that I include with each purchase. Since then, I’ve offered a free engraving service.

Since my back scratchers are mostly purchased as unique gifts, customers frequently opt to include a message with their back scratcher purchase. On the metal dog tag I can (usually) include a date and a short message such as “Happy Anniversary,” “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Father’s Day,” “Merry Christmas,” or any other significant day, along with the name of the gift-giver. It’s a permanent gift tag that goes along with my lifetime warranty.   

Some people have come up with some really awesome messages, like this one for a wedding anniversary: “I’ve got your back, Jack.” Another great anniversary tag said, “For Your 7-year Itch.” I think “I got your 6” would be cool for military or police couples, but no one has used that one. A lot of people use nicknames, pet names or phrases. I even recently etched #ilikeitrough on the back of a dog tag. It was a joke for a guy who apparently itches so bad he had to use a stiff bristle brush for relief (until he received his ITCHTHATBITCH backscratcher, that is.)

ITCHTHATBITCH stainless steel wire back scratchers have gained somewhat of a cult following, but a lot of people still don’t realize that my backscratchers are more than just a clever and well-made gadget. My back scratchers are the real deal: they will scratch that bitch of an itch and they will do it for life! But don’t just take my word for this, read the reviews in my store or on my testimonials page.

Bill Grant
ITCHTHATBITCH Backscratchers

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