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Fasces Maximus: Origin of My Vision for the Ultimate Back Scratcher

It’s a funny thing, sometimes, the process of imagination and then creation. A drifting cloud in the sky can transform into a face. A familiar object dissolves into another form. These are often the thoughts and visions in an inventor’s head when bending and shaping a familiar form into something new and different.My reflections on the twisted shaft of a common wire fly swatter and how some subtle changes could transform it into a totally different and much more useful and essential tool led to the development of ITCHTHATBITCH backscratchers. A simple bundle of rods, known as “fasces,” from the old Latin word fascis, is similar to a bundle of wires that have been twisted to bind them together for...

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How a Special Message Can Turn a Unique Gift Into One That’s Awesome

Sometimes it can be a simple “I love you,” and other times you need a special message with a more personal meaning. I make a unique back scratcher that comes with its own individual serial-numbered dog tag. Over five years ago I made the original design as stocking stuffers for Christmas. Two years later I started selling online. After over three years of making what is becoming known as the best back scratcher on the market, I still keep learning from customer comments. One of my first requests was to personalize a backscratcher for a gift recipient. I used a hand engraver to write a message on the stamped dog tag that I include with each purchase. Since then, I’ve...

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PICKING THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT - Five Tips for Successful Gifting

PICKING THE PERFECT GIFT -  FIVE TIPS TO MAKE YOUR NEXT GIFT A SUCCESS The dilemma: A friend, relative, or loved one is having a birthday or a significant life event. Or maybe it’s a holiday, Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s day... and you want to do something special. For most of us, that something special will be limited by budget. After all, most of us aren’t celebrities or tycoons with a lot of funds for high-priced gifts. But that's okay, because choosing a thoughtful and meaningful gift can make an impression far beyond monetary value. It says you care, and are thinking about that special person and their feelings. For major gifts like graduations, anniversaries, weddings and...

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