PICKING THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT - Five Tips for Successful Gifting


The dilemma: A friend, relative, or loved one is having a birthday or a significant life event. Or maybe it’s a holiday, Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s day... and you want to do something special.

For most of us, that something special will be limited by budget. After all, most of us aren’t celebrities or tycoons with a lot of funds for high-priced gifts.

But that's okay, because choosing a thoughtful and meaningful gift can make an impression far beyond monetary value. It says you care, and are thinking about that special person and their feelings.

For major gifts like graduations, anniversaries, weddings and retirements, most people fall back on the standard gift cards, or something from a registry, or even a charitable donation. But it's always better to take some extra time to learn about what the recipient wants and needs. In other words, the gift is not about you, it’s all about the recipient.

Here are five tips to make your gift-giving a success, and your loved one very happy! Your gift should be:

Thoughtful – So the recipient will know that you really care. 

Useful – Don’t just give something that will be re-gifted. Your gift should be of actual use to your loved one.

Memorable – Pick something original, cool, and neat and not something everyone else has. It should show original thought or knowledge about the recipient's tastes. 

Needed – The last thing you want your special friend to think is, “What am I going to do with this?” For a lot of us, what can be more needed than a good back scratch from a friend, or – a back scratcher that really works?!

Personalized – It's rare to receive a one-of-a-kind gift that fits all of the above requirements. It is even more rare and special to receive something personalized and unique.

I happen to know of one product that fills all of the above five requirements, because I make it! 

It's the ItchThatBitch backscratcher. Reasonably priced in the $20 range, my backscratchers are hand made in the USA out of stainless steel with copper, brass or silver solder trim, and each one comes with a unique stamped serial number and lifetime warranty. On request, I can personalize the serial number tag with a short engraved note to your giftee.

This is a new and truly unique product that only a few people have. It's only been available since June 2015, but our rave reviews show that people really love our backscratchers.

Give the perfect gift today. You can also see how these unique backscratchers are made on YouTube.


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    Sounds like a good favor for my wedding!!!

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