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Fasces Maximus: Origin of My Vision for the Ultimate Back Scratcher

It’s a funny thing, sometimes, the process of imagination and then creation. A drifting cloud in the sky can transform into a face. A familiar object dissolves into another form. These are often the thoughts and visions in an inventor’s head when bending and shaping a familiar form into something new and different.My reflections on the twisted shaft of a common wire fly swatter and how some subtle changes could transform it into a totally different and much more useful and essential tool led to the development of ITCHTHATBITCH backscratchers. A simple bundle of rods, known as “fasces,” from the old Latin word fascis, is similar to a bundle of wires that have been twisted to bind them together for...

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The Characteristics of a High Quality Back Scratcher

THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A QUALITY BACK SCRATCHER The ItchThatBitch back scratcher is known for being one of the best, most durable and highest quality back scratchers for sale anywhere. Its construction from electropolished stainless steel wire makes it virtually indestructible, and is one of the reasons it has a lifetime warranty. Quality in a back scratcher is not just how it looks, or how long it lasts, but how well it performs. The five-star reviews from our customers tell the story much better than we can. See what they say here. The best back scratcher is a backscratcher that itches the itch and doesn't fall apart. It also reaches the itch regardless of your size or shape, and is neither...

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How to Select the Best Backscratcher

THINGS TO CONSIDER: LENGTH, EDGE WIDTH, EDGE HEIGHT, CONSTRUCTION, HANDLE, PRICE, APPEARANCE Choosing a backscratcher sounds very easy, doesn't it? Just go buy a back scratcher. Everyone says their back scratcher is the best. There is more to backscratching than that and there are a lot of products to sort through that are basically cheap junk. There are a lot of claims of best quality, but to be assured you need to check personal rating and testimonials. And lots of the plastic stuff breaks, or just doesn’t work.  The ItchThatBitch stainless steel back scratcher, while being sold for less than a year, has received many more five star ratings than other back scratchers in its price range. When you select...

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