The Characteristics of a High Quality Back Scratcher


The ItchThatBitch back scratcher is known for being one of the best, most durable and highest quality back scratchers for sale anywhere. Its construction from electropolished stainless steel wire makes it virtually indestructible, and is one of the reasons it has a lifetime warranty.

Quality in a back scratcher is not just how it looks, or how long it lasts, but how well it performs. The five-star reviews from our customers tell the story much better than we can. See what they say here.

The best back scratcher is a backscratcher that itches the itch and doesn't fall apart. It also reaches the itch regardless of your size or shape, and is neither too smooth nor too sharp. There are many telescoping gizmos with a stuck-on bear claw thing, that call themselves back scratchers. They scratch, but most of them just don't seem to last very long. They are imported for $.79 each. These trinkets have to be imported in large quantities because they just don't last like the durable, handmade, serially numbered, high quality, custom back scratchers from ItchThatBitch. These are made so well in the USA that they come with a lifetime warranty.

This back scratcher has no wood, bone, plastic or flimsy telescoping mechanisms to crack, break, bend or just fall apart. You can accidentally sit on an ItchThatBitch backscratcher and then bend it back, just like it was. This is the real deal and it really will last forever. When you gift this backscratcher to someone, it is a forever gift that just won't wear out. Because it’s handmade, it is the highest quality and the best back scratcher in the world.


The condition is technically known as pruritus, the scientific name for itching, from the Latin prurere, “to itch.” Probably the number one cause is simply dry skin. Backs are often less scrubbed than other body parts, and can become itchy from a lack of exfoliation of the skin surface, and even dry from too-hot showers. There are other conditions referenced on WebMD and other medical information websites such as eczema, drug reactions, food allergies, liver disease, parasites, aging and rarely, cancer that can also contribute to the itchy sensation that just demands relief from another human or device that can scrape away the itch.

The sensations of itch and pain are closely related, and persistent itching that does not respond should be checked by a qualified professional. In fact, these same professionals advise not to scratch, as the itch is indicative of a point of damage that the scratching could make worse. Most of us, though, just don’t care that there are two classes of nociceptive sensory neurons, and that it is the prureceptive neurons that respond to chemicals that make us itch. We just want that itch scratched NOW. For you, the ItchThatBitch backscratcher, constructed from stainless steel and other noble metals, is the instant solution. This backscratcher replicates the feeling of fingernails and reaches where your hand can’t go.    


Well, they probably don’t, but because they are harder to reach, it often seems that way. The difficult-to-reach itch has inspired innovative people to devise what is basically an extension of the hand to perform back scratching. Based on the number of backscratchers for sale, this condition is widespread. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest collection of individual backscratchers has over 675 different models.

Can you even imagine a collection of over 675 backscratchers, from the strange and bizarre, to purely functional, made out of wood, metal, plastic, and every other material imaginable? Well, there is one in a North Carolina dermatologist’s office. The sheer number indicates that itchy backs and back scratching is something that affects a large number of people. What could be concluded from the existence of the number of devices that have been invented to scratch backs is the importance people place on having the perfect back scratcher. Based on the number of old and continuous new entries into the backscratcher marketplace, back scratcher inventors are continuing to pursue the creation of the ultimate device that will provide relief from the curse of the itchy back.

Is it possible to invent the best back scratcher that would make all other back scratchers obsolete and irrelevant? Yes, it has happened! I did it! It is the ItchThatBitch backscratcher. The owner of the previously mentioned world’s largest back scratcher collection purchased an ItchThatBitch backscratcher. See what he says in his review posted 2/9/2016: “I have the world’s largest collection of back scratchers, and it is hard to find new and different ones. The itchthatbitch is not only truly unique, but it is practical, AND it is 100% Made in America!!  Manfred R.”


One of the latest things to hit the back scratcher market is the telescoping back scratcher. These are compact extendable gizmos that will fit in a shirt pocket and then extend to a length that will reach most parts of a back. While they do extend, the extension is straight, but a human back is curved, and with a straight stick, some areas will still be difficult to reach. The primary advantage is the telescoping gizmos are cheap and if you accidentally sit on one, they are cheap to replace. With a few contortions, the claws might even reach most spots, except when trying to go under a shirt collar.

Now there is an alternative, and it is a back scratcher that not only does a thorough job of back scratching, it does it forever, with a lifetime guarantee. This is not another telescoping stamped claw, produced by the thousands for trinket swag at trade shows. It is a one of a kind, made in the USA, unique backscratcher that actually does what it’s supposed to do, and does it perfectly.

The ItchThatBitch backscratcher is a virtually indestructible and durable backscratcher that will continue to itch your itchiest itch long after all the other bendable and expendable backscratchers have broken and cracked and gone to wherever old backscratchers go. Why waste your money on another disposable backscratcher when you can buy one that is individually hand crafted from stainless steel and decorative metal trim, has its own unique serial number, and a lifetime warranty? The all-metal construction does not absorb oils and get slick with use like a wood back scratcher, and if you sit on an ItchThatBitch back scratcher, it can be easily bent back to your exact personal back scratching angle.

The ItchThatBitch back scratchers do what they are supposed to do – eliminate the itch. Since each one is handmade, each one is different, and with its individual serial number, they make a perfect gift for a special person. The performance of ItchThatBitch in its back scratching function is simply the best. The individual metal wire fingers will perfectly scour those hard-to-get itchy places almost as well as a real fingernail, and the ItchThatBitch fingers are an integral part of the scratcher and will not need to be trimmed or sharpened, and will never come off or break. Of all the back scratchers currently offered for sale, the ItchThatBitch back scratcher clearly offers the best value. ItchThatBitch has got your back.

If you have the choice, and you do, why not buy the best, high quality product? Now ItchThatBitch is not a telescoping backscratcher, but it will scratch your back forever. It is bendable to your personal shape, whatever that is. It’s a one-piece twisted-wire construction and has no handle, head or bear claw to fall off or break. It is hand crafted to last. There are no other backscratchers in this world that compare. It's just awesome. You get what you pay for. Buy ItchThatBitch, a superior backscratcher, for a lifetime of backscratching and you will never have to buy another.  I guarantee it. See how I make it on YouTube.

Bill Grant, Maker


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