How to Select the Best Backscratcher


Choosing a backscratcher sounds very easy, doesn't it? Just go buy a back scratcher. Everyone says their back scratcher is the best. There is more to backscratching than that and there are a lot of products to sort through that are basically cheap junk. There are a lot of claims of best quality, but to be assured you need to check personal rating and testimonials. And lots of the plastic stuff breaks, or just doesn’t work. 

The ItchThatBitch stainless steel back scratcher, while being sold for less than a year, has received many more five star ratings than other back scratchers in its price range. When you select a back scratcher, you want it to scratch and scratch, and last forever. That's one reason to select the backscratchers from ItchThatBitch. The other is our lifetime warranty

Below are some fundamental guidelines to search for when you are selecting a back scratcher.


A back scratcher needs to be long enough to reach any part of your back without having to over extend your shoulder, elbow or wrist.  In particular, this means a good back scratcher needs to be longer than you might think – a length of 17-22" is desired by most adult users. ItchThatBitch backscratchers are from 20” to 21 “ long, and are about 1.5” wide at the scratching/handle end.
Edge Width    

The back scratcher's scratching edge must be broad enough to scratch well and also to be stable on your back – if the scratcher edge is not wide enough it will tend to roll and only make contact with a corner or the side. ItchThatBitch back scratchers are stabilized with wound copper, brass or silver solder over copper to fix the position of the individual backscratching fingers.
Edge Height

This is an area where many back scratchers fail, even ones that are otherwise nicely designed.  A back scratcher is a lever and must be pressed down for it to work properly. This means it must have a long enough handle with the scratcher edge significantly above the handle. The greater the edge height, the more and better the scratch.  If the scratching edge height is too shallow, the scratcher will hit your shoulder or force you to strain your shoulder and overextend your elbow backwards as you try to press the scratcher edge down on your back. 

Many back scratchers use a brass hand-shaped scratcher head which threads onto a round handle. Because of the arch of the "fingers" it has essentially no edge height at all. Nice looking, but not very effective at scratching. Think about it. Is your back straight? Your back scratcher should fit your back for the best backscratching experience. Our back scratcher can be bent to match the exact curve of your back.


The back scratcher's scratching edge should be very firmly attached to the shaft. One-piece construction with the back scratcher edge integral to the shaft is even better. Beware of back scratchers that have a shaft with the scratcher edge glued or threaded on because that connection will be the first place your back scratcher will likely become loose or break outright. Telescoping shafts are compact, but easy to accidentally bend, and very difficult to unbend. Wood can be decorative, but can become slick with skin oils or warp. Stainless steel can provide a lifetime of virtually indestructible back scratching pleasure. ItchThatBitch backscratchers have all of these desirable durable qualities to take care of your personal backscratching needs forever.   


A good handle gives a sturdy grip and even allows for downward pressure during back scratcher use.  The best back scratchers are one-piece integral construction, with no stuck-on parts that can break off.


You can take your pick from import cheap to works of art. Some online stores list cookie cutter-like claws as low as $1.63 delivered. Higher end custom designs can run from $15 to over $100. It really makes more sense to base what you pay on the lifecycle cost. Why replace something every year (and throw it into a landfill) when you can buy it once, and keep it for a lifetime?

Last on the list is appearance. If your back scratcher will be stored somewhere visible in the home or workplace, you might want to have something that blends with the surroundings. Functionality trumps appearance, but a zombie hand and arm on an office desk might not be appropriate. ItchThatBitch backscratchers have a rustic yet polished industrial look, and they are each handmade and unique. Your backscratcher can sit out as a decorative item or a conversation-starter, or it can blend in hanging on a coat rack or hook – it's up to you!


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