The Best Quality Back Scratchers Are Made from the Best Materials

At ITCHTHATBITCH we use a stainless steel metal wire for the backbone of our incredibly tough back scratcher, and further reinforce it with copper, brass, and silver solder (depending on the model) to make our backscratchers simply the best, and the toughest, on the planet.

Why? Well, mostly because durable metal, especially stainless steel, just lasts and lasts... and totally outlasts wood and plastic. Our back scratcher is not just high quality; it simply doesn’t wear out or break. That’s what we feel you deserve and want you to have.

In my product descriptions I mention the durability of stainless steel, but I don’t address the fact that some materials just shouldn’t be used in a backscratcher. For example, wood. Wood burns, wood breaks, wood rots, wood ages and wood dries out. At the same time, it accumulates gross, greasy skin oils, and gets dull quickly. Wood makes really good floors and disposable toothpicks. Backscratchers… not so much.

Let’s face it, wood bends and warps, and then it breaks. Also, it’s hard to put a curve in wood, which means a straight backscratcher won’t reach every spot on your back. Bamboo is a popular wood for backscratchers, and they can be effective the first few times you use them. But eventually you’re going to sit on it and break it. If you’re lucky enough to keep your bamboo back scratcher in one piece, eventually it will wear down and no longer scratch your itch.

ITCHTHATBITCH back scratchers don’t need to be telescoping or extending because at 20” to 21” in real scratching length, they will reach (and bend) to get to your itchiest itch. Keep in mind, too, that telescoping back scratchers usually suffer the same fate as their bamboo counterparts: they end up broken into two unusable pieces, or the edges worn down and no longer “scratchy.”

While it’s possible to get a mediocre back scratch from a piece of wood or telescoping aluminum, your best solution for a lifetime of quality scratching it to get the ITCHTHATBITCH back scratcher. Made from the best materials that really do last, this back scratcher won’t wear out, and it won’t break.

If you’re ready for a lifetime back scratching solution, it’s time to go for an all-stainless steel metal ITCHTHATBITCH backscratcher. You can’t wear it out, unless you drag it behind your car, or use it to vandalize granite statues. I guarantee it.

Why choose low-quality over and over again when you can buy ITCHTHATBITCH one time, and solve your back scratching needs for life?

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    Is was very interesting article, in Poland nobody writes about such topics, a lot of people is asking what it means “steinless steel back” for example for watch… We write article about this topic and it is the most popular article on our blog

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