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Holiday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday or Unbirthday

Whether it’s a special friend or special occasion, how better to show you care than a unique, hand made gift with a lifetime warranty? Our choice, since we make them, is the ItchThatBitch back scratcher, a truly one-of-a-kind back scratcher.

WARNING: These back scratchers won’t wear out!

FingersKnucklesBrass Knuckles, and Silver Fingers back scratchers are stainless steel and metal creations that will last a lifetime and never be forgotten. These are not mass-produced look-alike stamped-out cookie cutter imports. Each one is slightly different and comes with a serial numbered military style dog tag. This back scratcher is hand made in the USA. I know, because I make it.

While wood, bone, and other strange and exotic novelty materials are often used to make backscratchers, the best, longest-lasting and most functional material is durable metal. A metal back scratcher will not wear down or break under normal use, and when it's a stainless steel metal back scratcher like ItchThatBitch, it's a gift that will last a lifetime.

ItchThatBitch backscratchers are constructed by hand out of stainless steel and will outlast your back and those of most of your friends and relatives. These are not flimsy cheap imports, but they're really not expensive either. You can buy one now, and you can also watch me make it on YouTube. This is the real thing.

Once you try one of these back scratchers you'll see why they are becoming known as the best back scratchers, ever – great for mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, special friend, partner or any special occasion. They make ideal gifts for the person who has everything. And again, my backscratchers just last forever. They are bendable to your personal physical contours, and they never break.

A key point in the selection of a gift for a special person is that your gift is really special, and not just another look-alike copycat. This is where ItchThatBitch back scratchers stand out from the others – they are unique without being strange. Each one is a hand crafted custom creation with its own personal serial number. They are the best personal back scratchers in both function and quality, more than just a novelty.

The best back scratcher is one that itches the itch and doesn't fall apart. It also reaches the itch regardless of your size or shape, and is neither too smooth nor too sharp. There are many telescoping gizmos with a stuck-on bear claw thing, that call themselves back scratchers. They don't scratch very well, and break easily. These trinkets have to be imported in large quantities because they just don't last like my ItchThatBitch durable handmade serially numbered custom back scratcher. ItchThatBitch scratchers are made so well in the USA that they come with a lifetime warranty.

If you have the choice, and you do, why not buy a high quality product with a lifetime warranty that is made in the USA? ItchThatBitch is not a telescoping backscratcher, but it will scratch your back forever, and it's bendable to your personal shape, whatever that is.

Its one-piece twisted wire construction has no handle or head or bear claw to fall off or break. It is hand crafted to last. There are no other backscratchers in this world that compare. It's just awesome. You get what you pay for. Buy ItchThatBitch, a superior backscratcher, for a lifetime of backscratching, and you will never have to buy another. I guarantee it.

The ItchThatBitch Fingers, Knuckles, Brass Knuckles, Silver Fingers scratchers and several other soon-to-be-created custom backscratchers are never going to be mass produced. But they will likely be around and scratching, after most of us have quit kicking. That is part of what makes them the best backscratchers for sale today. Since I can only make so many per day, buy yours now while I am still making them. You won't see an ItchThatBitch at a garage sale because once people try my back scratcher, they hold onto it!


This is a special day. Whether it is a new friendship or a long-lasting one of many years, you had best not forget the date. It is a time for special remembrances, and what could be more perfect than a unique custom back scratcher with a lifetime warranty and serial number? Well, it would be really perfect if you add flowers and chocolates. But after the flowers wilt and the chocolate is eaten, the ItchThatBitch back scratcher will still be scratching – I guarantee it.


What can you get the father who has everything? What are you doing special for your father this Father’s Day? My dad has neckties, he has tools, and he has just about everything else. What can I give him this year that will be a cool, unique Father’s Day present that he can get some use out of? Does he really want another funny card or a “World's Best Dad” coffee mug? Every year these same questions come up, and Dear Old Dad winds up getting another neck tie, a sleeve of golf balls, or maybe some aftershave or fishing lures. All nice, but not exactly original or unique.

There is an answer. Have you ever known a father's back that didn’t itch? For that matter, have you ever known any back that didn’t itch at least some of the time? So why not give him a backscratcher, but not just a plain old ordinary wooden thing, or a telescoping cookie cutter gizmo that is easy to bend or break. This year give him a hand made, custom ItchThatBitch backscratcher. 

Mom's back itches too, although maybe not as much as dad's. Why not send your mom a little helper just for her or her significant other?

Each of these custom backscratchers has its own serial number, and is hand made in the USA. They are handcrafted from electropolished stainless steel wire, and trimmed with copper wire, brass wire, or silver solder. All models come with a lifetime warranty.

This is a gift that will show you care, year in and year out. It will probably last longer than your back! We even date and initial each serial numbered tag. There just isn’t anything like this for sale. 

Order yours today!


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